4' x 6' pencil crayon and magic

DRAWING SPOILER & Proof that I can function as more than a retail drone over the holiday season. Based on this DUDE. This one is also christmas dedication to my friend Sean Lewis, who is without beard and has been for twenty one+ years. We should all pray for his chin baldness this holiday season.

Pee Ess, Studios close in two days. GULP.


Final product

Last iphone studio shot. It's looking mighty desaturated on my computer, but it isn't the case IRL.


I'm pretty much ready to make this video a part of my daily routine.


this is not a test,

The white bits will be a lesser degree of this:

Overall, I'm getting close to where I need to be. Two more days, and it's nothing but home cooking and Battlestar Gallactica for me. I absolutely love the holidays.


double take

How would you feel if you took a step back from a drawing and saw Shelley Duvall aka Wendy Torrance looking back at you?


One crit left,

There are so many things to be excited about, but this is at the top of my list. In my opinion, its the second most anticipated show on TV for the coming year apart from Lost. Kind of like a hotter, tanner, crazier, and guido-ier Real World.

and some oldies but goodies:

New Jersey is probably the coolest place on earth.


Finished drawing and new drawing.

New work, 4ft x 6ft pencil crayon and soft pastels.
ends and begins!
'Coif like a fibroid tumor. That's probably the most innocuous image i can find, please consult google for more detail on tumors.


Only weeks until the holidays! Gah!

Tentatively titled "NowhereFace" 22" x 30", pencil on stonehenge

This is one of the drawings I worked on for my advanced drawing class with Luke Painter. It's definitely one of my favourite to date. Now that the boring writing parts are over with Thesis, I can explode (productively).

The best thing about life now is that I'm going to make this awesome looking butternut squash soupies. Maybe this afternoon I'll go look at Christmas decorations at the mall and hum to Christmas music. Best day!


lush addition

Beard-tail progress, it grows as I grow.

Worst scan award goes to....

I keep coming back to this sketch for some reason. It's one part epic and one part gay magic. I will probably harness its powers for Good in a larger drawing. Soon?


Harbourfront and doing things as a couple,

Long walks south, Hinterlands, Free Pile, and part of my dowry.

Otherwise, my friday nights are usually reserved for paying eight dollar overdue fines on library books I haven't read. Oh wait that happened.



work work work
candy break
tea break (earl grey)

outcome :

4ft x 6ft, pencil crayon and soft pastels on Stonhenge
in progress/lack of progress in every other area of my life


AWESOME: weekend things

1. High of 17 degrees!


3. Working indoors (actually not awesome)


Musings and Drawings


NEW WORK: I've been wanting to go big or go home for some time now, but I'm starting to think 4 x 6 feet is too much and not enough. My eyes might be too big for my belly, Or maybe its just because I opted for the BIG MAC meal with tummy-angering consequences.


I like my friday nights lonely, my television on demand, and my kraft dinner al dente.


speed drawing?


OR MAYBE THIS? The music is a little cheese in some parts, but the girl is pretty hot. She makes sand drawings with almost as much flair as when a blind person plays piano. The Ukraine is not weak!!


I have a cold and it sucks

a drawing for my Advanced Drawing Class, appropriate!.



Moderately new sketches.

GOOD: the excitement of a shiny new studio key to add to my collection!
BAD: paying a 25$ wireless access fee, which I must reimburse myself for on behalf of the institution by helping myself to unlimited quantities of commercial grade paper towel/printer paper


Dream girl, you're my fantasy

tentatively titled, I'm So Gay for Zooey, its Exhausting

I'm staying focused, living on nothing but ginger green tea and honey. Current work. I have no idea where I'm going with all of this; except that I'm drunk on cats, rainbows and women with nice bangs and low voices. Neat trivia: maybe coming to a coffee franchise near you! stay tuned friends.

My life is a cesspool of broken hopes and dreams


I'm an episode of Hoarders waiting to happen. Every time I come across something so breathtakingly beautiful I have to pause, shed a single tear, and reach for my wallet. Most of the time the object in question is complete garbage. Above are four greeting cards that jesus himself revealed to me in little portugal in a convenience store/religious kitsch paradise. Im not sure if jesus approves of the salacious content, but I'm sure his intention was that I take them off his hands. You're welcome Buddy.

i give up on science

This video eloquently expresses my true ambition in life where I transform into my power animal. I'm going to build a an alternate universe time machine where this happens instead of puberty.


delicious lunchtime

I made pasta salad with tons left over plus sweet potato basil mash, so yummy. To make this hot afternoon even more awesome, I'm watching the Obsessed/Intervention marathon in my bra.
Monday madness!!!!

I dream cats.


I just came home from a bangin' saturday night of looking at stuff on the internet with friends. NOT FUN: Lookbook.nu confirming all my insecurities by making me feel ashamed about a being a poorly dressed (& emphatically poor) twenty something north american nobody earning no paycheques in the creative profession(s) -as any self proclaimed interweb certified "something-ista" or otherwise.

FUN: those feelings of inferiority are easily squashed when you remember the rare and glorious diamond out there by the name of Ratemyboobs.org proving that democracy not only exists, but entertains.

On the subject of things that makes me happy:

My bad-taste/fellow bric-a-brac appreciator Melissa gave me this Pair from the belly of her italian aunt's reject surplus of religious ephemera. I cant figure out how they light up, so if you have any ideas please enLIGHTen me for this is truly an urgent matter.

I also found this outside the secretive Koreans only Kareoke fun bar on Isabella and Yonge some weeks ago. Also Italian, like all things amazing (1 half of Darren Rigo included).

Therefore science concludes that finding things, making things, and gawking at lopsided areolas spell bliss.


Clean work space!

I'm having a lot of fun playing with oils and making new friends with imaginary gap-toothed gingers


How I survived the Storm

I've started working on a gem of a painting to impress symon and lisa with. I got distracted when 16 and Pregnant came on. This afternoon has snowballed into nothing.


Where is your ambition?

Isn't she Lovely? 2009

Welcome to Orlando 2009

 I am a sufferer of unwanted, psychologically crippling weight gain. Good bye size 24, 25, and 26. You were all so glamourous and lovely, it has been a pleasure. 

I have been drawing a lot lately. In the coming days I want to wake up from this daze, catch up on Real World Cancun and do something sincere.