Dream girl, you're my fantasy

tentatively titled, I'm So Gay for Zooey, its Exhausting

I'm staying focused, living on nothing but ginger green tea and honey. Current work. I have no idea where I'm going with all of this; except that I'm drunk on cats, rainbows and women with nice bangs and low voices. Neat trivia: maybe coming to a coffee franchise near you! stay tuned friends.

My life is a cesspool of broken hopes and dreams


Taj Nabhani said...

gay for your art

eunice luk said...

totally gay for your art and your blog and mostly you.

BrendanGeorge said...

I got a boner! Come see!

Anonymous said...

I got a big BoNeR and it's all just for YOU! The girlie kind. Willing. Ready. Capable. To blow your mind.