I just came home from a bangin' saturday night of looking at stuff on the internet with friends. NOT FUN: Lookbook.nu confirming all my insecurities by making me feel ashamed about a being a poorly dressed (& emphatically poor) twenty something north american nobody earning no paycheques in the creative profession(s) -as any self proclaimed interweb certified "something-ista" or otherwise.

FUN: those feelings of inferiority are easily squashed when you remember the rare and glorious diamond out there by the name of Ratemyboobs.org proving that democracy not only exists, but entertains.

On the subject of things that makes me happy:

My bad-taste/fellow bric-a-brac appreciator Melissa gave me this Pair from the belly of her italian aunt's reject surplus of religious ephemera. I cant figure out how they light up, so if you have any ideas please enLIGHTen me for this is truly an urgent matter.

I also found this outside the secretive Koreans only Kareoke fun bar on Isabella and Yonge some weeks ago. Also Italian, like all things amazing (1 half of Darren Rigo included).

Therefore science concludes that finding things, making things, and gawking at lopsided areolas spell bliss.


Taj Nabhani said...

you've never told me about http://www.ratemyboobs.org/...


winnie t. said...

been there done that

Anonymous said...

You know what's even more sad? You should lookbook search my brother, Anthony Hong. Ignore his crazy joke layout and check out his photos. LOL