double take

How would you feel if you took a step back from a drawing and saw Shelley Duvall aka Wendy Torrance looking back at you?


One crit left,

There are so many things to be excited about, but this is at the top of my list. In my opinion, its the second most anticipated show on TV for the coming year apart from Lost. Kind of like a hotter, tanner, crazier, and guido-ier Real World.

and some oldies but goodies:

New Jersey is probably the coolest place on earth.


Finished drawing and new drawing.

New work, 4ft x 6ft pencil crayon and soft pastels.
ends and begins!
'Coif like a fibroid tumor. That's probably the most innocuous image i can find, please consult google for more detail on tumors.


Only weeks until the holidays! Gah!

Tentatively titled "NowhereFace" 22" x 30", pencil on stonehenge

This is one of the drawings I worked on for my advanced drawing class with Luke Painter. It's definitely one of my favourite to date. Now that the boring writing parts are over with Thesis, I can explode (productively).

The best thing about life now is that I'm going to make this awesome looking butternut squash soupies. Maybe this afternoon I'll go look at Christmas decorations at the mall and hum to Christmas music. Best day!


lush addition

Beard-tail progress, it grows as I grow.

Worst scan award goes to....

I keep coming back to this sketch for some reason. It's one part epic and one part gay magic. I will probably harness its powers for Good in a larger drawing. Soon?


Harbourfront and doing things as a couple,

Long walks south, Hinterlands, Free Pile, and part of my dowry.

Otherwise, my friday nights are usually reserved for paying eight dollar overdue fines on library books I haven't read. Oh wait that happened.



work work work
candy break
tea break (earl grey)

outcome :

4ft x 6ft, pencil crayon and soft pastels on Stonhenge
in progress/lack of progress in every other area of my life


AWESOME: weekend things

1. High of 17 degrees!


3. Working indoors (actually not awesome)


Musings and Drawings


NEW WORK: I've been wanting to go big or go home for some time now, but I'm starting to think 4 x 6 feet is too much and not enough. My eyes might be too big for my belly, Or maybe its just because I opted for the BIG MAC meal with tummy-angering consequences.