4' x 6' pencil crayon and magic

DRAWING SPOILER & Proof that I can function as more than a retail drone over the holiday season. Based on this DUDE. This one is also christmas dedication to my friend Sean Lewis, who is without beard and has been for twenty one+ years. We should all pray for his chin baldness this holiday season.

Pee Ess, Studios close in two days. GULP.


Final product

Last iphone studio shot. It's looking mighty desaturated on my computer, but it isn't the case IRL.


I'm pretty much ready to make this video a part of my daily routine.


this is not a test,

The white bits will be a lesser degree of this:

Overall, I'm getting close to where I need to be. Two more days, and it's nothing but home cooking and Battlestar Gallactica for me. I absolutely love the holidays.