After hours...

Thanks to all who came out! I had a great night meeting nice people and hanging out with best buds.

photo stolen from new friend Keita

end of night



Thanks to everyone who came out last night for the opening. It was an amazing turn out & tons of positive feedback including:
buddies? doppelgangers?

The Harmless Anomalies runs until Novmember 28th.


Upcoming: Show & Tell Gallery

If you're in Toronto, come join me for the opening reception next friday. Here's a sneak peek at what's to come:

Green Crayons

In early September I was commissioned by Dan and Kazik at Medium Density Fibreboard Films to do a poster for their short film Green Crayons & were most recently awarded the Film Maker Grand Prix at the Sapporo Short Fest 2010.

Konekt Magazine

The lovely Jen Mann invited me to do an interview for Konekt Magazine here is the current issue !


A National Post-Post

Hirsutus Reviewed by Leah Sandals in the National Post this past Saturday.

" Winnie Truong at Katharine Mulherin

1082 Queen St. W. To Sept. 5.

It's always a bit apprehensiveness-inducing to see strong work from someone barely out of their teens; after all, A+ report cards don't always translate into a stable, self-sustaining adult art practice. Nonetheless, the prospects for recent OCAD grad Winnie Truong do seem promising. Born in 1988, Truong creates remarkable large-scale drawings where portrait-sitters' hair -- that shiny, typically inanimate add-on -- becomes an active character, growing into nooses, cysts, balloons, teeth (!) and more. It's nightmarish, Freudian-flavoured fun, with Truong's terrifically drafted pencil-crayon lines becoming much like the strands of hair they depict -- winding around, fixing and trapping their subjects. While some of Truong's drawings (like the one with hair growing out of a model-beautiful boy's mouth) are moderately gag-inducing, the overall effect is surprisingly seductive, a mash-up of gorgeousness and revulsion. I'll never watch a Clairol commercial quite the same way again.

The show ends on September 5th!


Setting up is sweaty

See you tomorrow night Toronto.
& Yes, that is shiny gold vinyl lettering. Thanks Erin!


Solo Show AUGUST 12th to SEPTEMBER 5th

With Erin Stump Exhibitions at Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects. Recent work, and some very recent work. I hope to see some new and old faces there!

Opening reception Thursday 6-9pm.


Upcoming Exhibition in New York

If you are in New York City, I will be showing a few pieces at Mulherin Pollard located at 317 10th Ave (between 28th & 29th) in Chelsea. The gallery hours are Wednesday to Saturday from 11-6pm.

"Friends and Family features new works by Seth Scriver (TORONTO), Daniel Davidson (BROOKLYN), Winnie Truong (TORONTO) and Jeremiah Johnson (WILLIAMSPORT, PENNSYLVANIA) .
The exhibition runs from June 17 to July 3, 2010..." Find the press release here.

Thanks !


Article/interview with Anna Pesquidous in Platform, a sweet online magazine.

& I'm relocating my home studio to a private studio space at 401 Richmond in July. LUXURY and EXCITEMENT!


This weekend

Something I've been working on.

And fourth floor, room 430 at the OCAD GRAD SHOW


Can I have my BFA now?

Final critique and speedy documentation.


Its 80% officially over.


more things,

1 ) This is kind of late, but here are images from Free Drawings, a quarterly newspaper featuring free drawings (!) published in Toronto. Free Drawings 7 still exists here and there if you are in the city. Cop a copy. See if you can spot my drawings...

2 ) I was invited to make art for the upcoming Disposable Art Show, where artists were given skateboard decks to do their business with. It's happening at 52 McCaul on May 8th, also coinciding with the OCAD Grad exhibition just up the street. I will sneak an in progress shot in here later on. In the mean time click for last year's Disposable Art Show 2009 at the Baitshop.

3 ) Documenting the rest of my work from this current drawing series on Thursday after my FINAL CRIT; website update soon.

So busy.


mission almost accomplished

Thesis paper (complete)
Disposable Art Show (forthcoming)
OCAD Grad Show (forthcoming)
Apartment Hunting (fucked)

In other news, did some rearranging during my studio crit yesterday and found this Miss

untitled 22x30
Started it several months ago on a whim so I wouldn't be bored.
Maybe now I'll have enough breathing room to finish.


+ Art of the Barrel

Team DarWin

Last week Darren and I attended the Art of the Barrel launch event at the Drabinsky Gallery where schmoozing and ideas-talking took place. Kudos to the organizers for an amazing cheese/fancy fruits/nuts/crackers table. I wish I took a photograph of the arrangement; it looked like a cornucopia fell from heaven exploded. I don't know what I find more satisfying, art talk or gorging myself on an unlimited supply of night cheese. If you are interested in our proposal and sketches of plans for the project, please check out the Art of the Barrel website for more info on that and other participating artists.

Here are in-progress studio shots of our materials. Our main focus now is cold forming the steel rings for our acorn-urn before the welding happens. It's going to be a challenge!


semi recent happenings:

(498 queen st. W, second floor)
poster show opening
yours truly
more posters, more people.
The one and only Brendan George Ko.

Last thursday was the opening for the poster show/ catalogue fundraiser which I have work in. You can find it on the second floor of 498 Queen st. W along with work by other cool ocad almost-grads. It's on for another week so you should check it out. Unless you are catching up on Lost. Sadly, I will support both activities with equal enthusiasm.

But thanks to friends and strangers who came out, and to caitlin & goldie who did a stellar job organizing and setting up the event during their reading week.


this too shall pass

This video is going to pump me up for mid term crits this week. It's a big warm blast of awesome on a stressful morning. Anyone remember playing The Incredible Machine? On second thought, this video might give me night terrors where I try to solve the perfect system of ropes and pulleys to move a ball in order to operate a can opener.


* poster party

Thursday February 25 starting at 6 pm

Thesis catalogue fundraiser etc.
Come party, buy our posters, make friends.

5 doll hairs gets you cover and a FREE zine.


WINNIETRUONG.COM, website root canal


Layout re-worked & better docs of new work. Still needs a few tweaks and additions.

Happy Family Day.


Happy Almost Valentines Day...

To Beginnings

This week: making creature-coifs by sewing different layers of pre-dyed synthetic hair together. In this picture I'm prepping a larger stretcher. Also in this picture, wookie pals?

& Split Ends

4 ft x 6 ft Latest drawing.