Checking off the list

Virility and Grace (& detail)
pencil crayon and chalk pastel on paper
48" x 72"

I'm still in the process of editing the photos documenting my latest work. Which means I'll get around to redoing my website soon.

In other news, something that might relieve the situation:
I'll have three pieces (this post included) up for the OCAD annual Figure Show in the Great Hall exhibition (2nd floor from the front entrance) taking place February 8–19. Come check it out if you're in the area. It's a juried exhibition, a kind of ocular buffet, if you take in too much you might throw up (just a warning for the weak).


nyc made me lazy

Junk and Egg in Williamsburg are what dreams are made of. Overall a good trip with good company.

Toronto list of things to do:
*Document work
*Redo website
*Make work
*Make soup


brb nyc

Fairly recent sketch.



I've been incredibly busy this month. Thankfully now that I've found earth II and defeated the cylons, I'm pleased to say my productivity is going to peak in the coming weeks. I'm collaborating with Darren on a project for Casey House. We are one of the 12 artists/teams with proposals selected for Art of the Barrel and were given an oak wine barrel to transform into a work of art. More to come!

Also, I'm off to New York on Wednesday. My entire itinerary consists of planting myself outside 30 Rock with the vague hope that Tina Fey will find, adopt, and raise me as her own. Will real life and NBC primetime thursdays ever collide? Tune in next week...


back 2 school / back 2 basics / intro to pysch 101

Sometimes I will make things with one idea in mind, but think about what they remind me of later. This is an exercise I am developing in order to reveal the latent-somethings about myself.
With this particular piece, I am beginning to see a bit of Brigitte Bardot meets "They Live". Something about my affinity for retro (racist) super-babes and aliens. Maybe...
In the meantime here is an incredibly drawn out fight scene from the movie. This clip is best served without context.