* poster party

Thursday February 25 starting at 6 pm

Thesis catalogue fundraiser etc.
Come party, buy our posters, make friends.

5 doll hairs gets you cover and a FREE zine.


WINNIETRUONG.COM, website root canal


Layout re-worked & better docs of new work. Still needs a few tweaks and additions.

Happy Family Day.


Happy Almost Valentines Day...

To Beginnings

This week: making creature-coifs by sewing different layers of pre-dyed synthetic hair together. In this picture I'm prepping a larger stretcher. Also in this picture, wookie pals?

& Split Ends

4 ft x 6 ft Latest drawing.


Lose 3 minutes

Shrigley for Pringle of Scotland.

Sexualizer: Gay to Straight, put a laugh in my belly. Enjoy.


studio fun times with the buds

Working on it.
Cool things by my studio buddy Vanessa Maltese who not only paints... but makes Things.
This is Vanessa standing in front of my work. She is small. Work is big.