+ Art of the Barrel

Team DarWin

Last week Darren and I attended the Art of the Barrel launch event at the Drabinsky Gallery where schmoozing and ideas-talking took place. Kudos to the organizers for an amazing cheese/fancy fruits/nuts/crackers table. I wish I took a photograph of the arrangement; it looked like a cornucopia fell from heaven exploded. I don't know what I find more satisfying, art talk or gorging myself on an unlimited supply of night cheese. If you are interested in our proposal and sketches of plans for the project, please check out the Art of the Barrel website for more info on that and other participating artists.

Here are in-progress studio shots of our materials. Our main focus now is cold forming the steel rings for our acorn-urn before the welding happens. It's going to be a challenge!


semi recent happenings:

(498 queen st. W, second floor)
poster show opening
yours truly
more posters, more people.
The one and only Brendan George Ko.

Last thursday was the opening for the poster show/ catalogue fundraiser which I have work in. You can find it on the second floor of 498 Queen st. W along with work by other cool ocad almost-grads. It's on for another week so you should check it out. Unless you are catching up on Lost. Sadly, I will support both activities with equal enthusiasm.

But thanks to friends and strangers who came out, and to caitlin & goldie who did a stellar job organizing and setting up the event during their reading week.


this too shall pass

This video is going to pump me up for mid term crits this week. It's a big warm blast of awesome on a stressful morning. Anyone remember playing The Incredible Machine? On second thought, this video might give me night terrors where I try to solve the perfect system of ropes and pulleys to move a ball in order to operate a can opener.