A National Post-Post

Hirsutus Reviewed by Leah Sandals in the National Post this past Saturday.

" Winnie Truong at Katharine Mulherin

1082 Queen St. W. To Sept. 5.

It's always a bit apprehensiveness-inducing to see strong work from someone barely out of their teens; after all, A+ report cards don't always translate into a stable, self-sustaining adult art practice. Nonetheless, the prospects for recent OCAD grad Winnie Truong do seem promising. Born in 1988, Truong creates remarkable large-scale drawings where portrait-sitters' hair -- that shiny, typically inanimate add-on -- becomes an active character, growing into nooses, cysts, balloons, teeth (!) and more. It's nightmarish, Freudian-flavoured fun, with Truong's terrifically drafted pencil-crayon lines becoming much like the strands of hair they depict -- winding around, fixing and trapping their subjects. While some of Truong's drawings (like the one with hair growing out of a model-beautiful boy's mouth) are moderately gag-inducing, the overall effect is surprisingly seductive, a mash-up of gorgeousness and revulsion. I'll never watch a Clairol commercial quite the same way again.

The show ends on September 5th!


Setting up is sweaty

See you tomorrow night Toronto.
& Yes, that is shiny gold vinyl lettering. Thanks Erin!


Solo Show AUGUST 12th to SEPTEMBER 5th

With Erin Stump Exhibitions at Katharine Mulherin Contemporary Art Projects. Recent work, and some very recent work. I hope to see some new and old faces there!

Opening reception Thursday 6-9pm.