A National Post-Post

Hirsutus Reviewed by Leah Sandals in the National Post this past Saturday.

" Winnie Truong at Katharine Mulherin

1082 Queen St. W. To Sept. 5.

It's always a bit apprehensiveness-inducing to see strong work from someone barely out of their teens; after all, A+ report cards don't always translate into a stable, self-sustaining adult art practice. Nonetheless, the prospects for recent OCAD grad Winnie Truong do seem promising. Born in 1988, Truong creates remarkable large-scale drawings where portrait-sitters' hair -- that shiny, typically inanimate add-on -- becomes an active character, growing into nooses, cysts, balloons, teeth (!) and more. It's nightmarish, Freudian-flavoured fun, with Truong's terrifically drafted pencil-crayon lines becoming much like the strands of hair they depict -- winding around, fixing and trapping their subjects. While some of Truong's drawings (like the one with hair growing out of a model-beautiful boy's mouth) are moderately gag-inducing, the overall effect is surprisingly seductive, a mash-up of gorgeousness and revulsion. I'll never watch a Clairol commercial quite the same way again.

The show ends on September 5th!