End of daze

My Bestie ♡

Moving studios at the end of the month. Giving up my pretty courtyard for some direct sunlight and good company. Also, I think my Pet(e) Moss is dying : (


Poketo x Booooooom wallet collaboration

I'm a bit late on posting this... some months ago I was asked by Booooooom.com and Poketo to create a piece responding to the Afterlife along with other Canadian artists Josh Holinaty, Howie Tsui and Andrea Wan. Below is the final piece along with an accompanying interview !

POKETO Interview


BL!SSS Magazine

Finally made it to the post office during a heat wave to pick these babies up. I'm featured on the cover along with a fun interview with Liz Mcray in last month's BL!SSS magazine. You can find the issue in it's entirety ONLINE HERE

I love getting mail !


Still Spring

Bear Arms (2011)
14 x 11

-Getting ready to update the website with a few new-ish works in this series.
-Open Studio for Toronto folks at the end of June.
-Studio Move.
-Solo show in September.
-And some exciting announcements soon-times!