Poketo x Booooooom wallet collaboration

I'm a bit late on posting this... some months ago I was asked by Booooooom.com and Poketo to create a piece responding to the Afterlife along with other Canadian artists Josh Holinaty, Howie Tsui and Andrea Wan. Below is the final piece along with an accompanying interview !

POKETO Interview


darbs said...

i am totally buying that.

also, i haven't forgotten that i'm still supposed to give you a blank deck, even though you're probably way too busy and probably have more important shit to do.

winnie truong said...

Aww! that's awesome darren ! I'm super happy that you like the design!

And we're still on if you want! I'm crazy busy up until my September show, but if you want to talk to me in the fall about it, we can work something out friend : )